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Paradise City is located right next to Incheon International
Airport, adding to the excitement on your way to the airport.
PARADISE CITY is the first Korean-style resort complex in Northeast Asia combining multi-purpose hospitality and entertainment facilities such as a hotel, casino, convention, shopping, art gallery, spa, club, carnival and performance. PARADISE CITY offers the most exciting entertainment you have ever experienced. Through partnerships with the world’s most prestigious hospitality companies, we provide facilities, content, and services of the highest standards.

Hotel Paradise is a contemporary luxury hotel offering luxurious and spacious rooms, fine dining restaurants and a stylish club lounge set in an artistic mood and relaxed ambiance.
Explore one of the largest convention facilities in comparison to top luxury hotels in Korea, where a variety of events such as international conferences, corporate events, award ceremonies and weddings can be held.
#Hotel-Art Paradiso
Hotel Art Paradiso is a lifestyle design hotel inspired by European boutique hotels, offering leisure, pleasure and artistic inspiration with its 58 exquisitely-designed suites.
#Casino-Paradise Casino
Paradise City Casino is Korea’s largest foreigners-only casino offering a unique and fun experience to guests through premium services, professional game management and state-of-the-art systems.
CIMER is a European-inspired art spa putting a new spin on Korea’s jjimjilbang culture, entertaining its guests through weekly pool parties and theme-based facilities.
“Nightlife Destination” Chroma is the best party place in Asia where you can enjoy clubbing and music played by world-class DJs.
#Theme Park-Wonderbox
Wonderbox, inspired by the idea of an amusement park in the nighttime, is an indoor family theme park filled with fun rides and festivals that bring out the innocence in children and the child that lives in every adult.
Plaza is an event-type shopping arcade built to create a trendy lifestyle, presenting a hub of Paradise City filled with restaurants, cafes, multi-brand shops and a duty-free shop along with inspiring events.
#Art- Gallery
Paradise Art Space
Paradise City’s art exhibition gallery showcasing a new level of cultural experience and works from wide-ranging genres by prominent Korean and global artists.
#Open Space-Culture Park
Chroma Field is a cultural park open to anyone looking to relax and unwind with a wide range of events, festivals and various entertainment contents.

►MUSIC : “Morning”
ARTIST : 신정훈
아판TV :
PARADISE : 186, Yeongjonghaeannam-ro 321-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea
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► Business Contact : [email protected]

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