Battlecruisers mobile – game chiến thuật 2D bắn tàu chiến vừa ra mắt

Lần này mình mang đến cho anh em 1 tựa game bắn tầu chiến với định dạng đen trắng 2d nhé. game bảo đảm là nhẹ mà hay
Giao diện ban đầu thì chỉ có tông mầu đen là chủ đạo, cũng khá là dễ để sử dụng.. anh em cần mò mẫm 1 chút để xây dựng căn cứ trên con tầu
Các vật phẩm cần có như pháo phòng không, pháo bắn dưới đất. tầu nhỏ và máy bay.. kết hợp chúng với nhau để chiến thắng
Lúc đầu mình cứ tưởng bắn nhau đến sáng mai nhưng mọi người cần cân nhắc chiến thuật nhé
Game khá là hay ho để chơi thử
Đồ họa game đẹp .. những mảnh vụn các kiểu rất là chi tiết và sống động
Mô tả game :
Tablets Only

Battlecruisers is a single-player battle simulator that challenges your tactical thinking. Humorous, perilous and visually stunning, your cruiser mission awaits!

• Build the ultimate warship. Attack and defend against frigates, artillery, and bombers.
• Lure enemies into tactical traps and smash them with fighters and rapid attack boats.
• Employ awesome destructive power with death star satellites, nuclear rockets and long-range artillery.
• Decimate your enemies with insane ultra weapons.
• Unlock the Mann O’War, the Kamikaze Signal, and more.
• Beat the diabolical AI enemy in 25 addictive levels and 4 difficulty modes.
• Devour the particle system pyrotechnics where every explosion is unique!
• Set to a dynamic score with music that traces the action of every battle sequence.

Inspired by much-loved classics, Battlecruisers brings a minimalist flair to the RTS genre.

Play all 25 levels for FREE!

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The Story So Far…

In the 22nd century, the ice caps melted. Every city on Earth was submerged, stranding the remains of humanity at sea on makeshift slums known as flotillas.

Yet technology held out. The survivors replaced their organic bodies, piece by piece, until they were no longer recognizable as human beings. It was the dawn of robotkind.

All the while, the scarcity of resources sparked the greatest war ever seen. Out of the ashes, just three great nations survived: The United American Coalition (UAC), The Red Nation forged of Russia and China, and the Allied Illuminate formed of the idealistic remainder.

The year is now 2148. The three nations are locked in naval warfare, capturing and recapturing coveted flotillas. They fight with gigantic warships, armed with weapons of total destruction: The Battlecruisers.

Ready Player…

You begin your journey on the South Pacific flotilla of Even Newer Zealand, starring as Charlie, an opportunistic utility robot who discovers a curiously oversized boat. You decide to take it for a spin around the harbour. Just for fun. Nobody’ll notice. You’ll be out and back, ten minutes max.

There’s just one small problem. The curious old boat is in fact the flagship Trident-class Battlecruiser of Presidentron of the UAC. The insane dictator has stopped by to make a light demonstration of force and remind everyone how much freedom and liberty they have.

The joyride may not go down well with him.

But Charlie doesn’t know this. And when the ship’s systems come alive, you have a little play on the on-board battle simulator. But something’s not quite right…

As a phenomenal amount of ash and wreckage rains down on your deck, you have the sneaking suspicion you’re not merely playing a game. To your credit, it’s only a few minutes before you realize you’ve destroyed a pretty hefty battlecruiser belonging to the global superpower of The Red Nation.

You find yourself in possession of an immense floating superweapon, hunted not just by global militaries – but also pirates, bounty hunters, and mercenaries. What to do?

You begin by salvaging weapons of The Red Nation’s wreckage and installing them on your ship to defend against imminent attack. In your crash course into naval warfare, you’ll learn that when you see enemy bombers in the sky, you’re too late to build anti-aircraft turrets and should flee poste-haste. You’ll also learn you have better defenses with a shield over your builder stations. And it always helps to keep an eye on what the enemy’s doing.

In time, you feel you’ve developed unbeatable strategy and tactics. But be warned: technology evolves fast. Better weapons, defense turrets, buildings, units, and tactical structures will emerge, forcing you to adapt – or die.

Ready for an epic RTS challenge? Download Battlecruisers for FREE to start your first mission!
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