*** CASINO FIGHT *** Las Vegas Saturday night FIGHTS Feb at Local Hotel Casino ** MUSIC Cover F Word

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This is NOT the Bath and Body Works Fight #las vegas Live #Casino Fight
32:00 to 38:00 Brawl at Orleans
This is a Situation that occurred at the Orleans Hotel Casino 2-27. MUSIC is used to cover Foul and In appropriate language for about 1 minute

LIVE STREAM CAPTURES entire essence of the fight

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Video Keno at Orleans Hotel Casino.
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Steve Dennis is a Hospitality Professional who was General Manager of the Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas (Now the OYO) and the Greek Isles Hotel Casino in Las Vegas (Converted to the Clarion Hotel Casino Las Vegas) The Clarion is now a parking lot after being Imploded in Feb 2015. Additionally The Cal Neva Resort in Lake Tahoe and multiple other High End luxury resorts and hotels from New York to Salt Lake City to Phoenix to Texas.
FUN and UPLIFTING conversation with the occasional Grumbling and complaining about machines or gambling.

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  1. You noticed who Security? ( lol ) escorted out of the casino, the white guy who got sucker punched. Was the Black guy escorted out of the casino or arrested for assault witnessed by Security?

  2. Vegas needs to be upscale 250 a nite minimum , this crap is maken people not wanna go. Full of punks, cheap shots etc. It was probably over who got on the escalator first too. Ps funny soon u get up someone steals your card lol

  3. Casinos are evil. They kick you out if you can beat them at their games. They make you feel as if you are robbing them when you win. They cater only to losers. Ultimately they are responsible for domestic disputes caused by people losing money they can’t afford to lose. People have actually committed suicide at the tables after losing. But each and everyone of us have it in our power to put these evil casinos out of business. We can decide not to play their mathematically unfair games. After all, it’s not even gambling. It’s an absolute certainty that we will lose at a rate dictated by whatever the house percentage is if you play long enough. We are all in the same position and are subject to the exact same fate no matter how lucky or unlucky we may be. So the best thing you can do is to stay away from all casinos. If we all do this, then they will naturally go away.

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