Drama for Austin Dillon and a close finish | FireKeepers Casino 400 | Extended Highlights | Michigan

  24 Th8 2021  

Relive the 2021 FireKeepers Casino 400 from Michigan International Raceway that saw Brad Keselowski turn Austin Dillon hard into the fence and Ryan Blaney battle William Byron and Kyle Larson for the win.
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36 thoughts on “Drama for Austin Dillon and a close finish | FireKeepers Casino 400 | Extended Highlights | Michigan

  1. keselowski dumped his ass lets face it , stop with the wtv wtv , this is an xfinity champ a cup champ a fantastic driver , he dumped his ass
    by the time they came up on the start finish line , the 3 had i guess half a foot or less to totally clear brad
    brad dumped his ass

  2. You know for the package it was good especially the finish. Last time seeing this package our complaints are being heard and changed for next gen! I'm excited to see it next year hopefully they will be faster than the Xfinity cars…

  3. First of all, Blaney didn't deserve this win! The fact that he got a push from the biggest jerk in NASCAR, Little Flush is the only reason he was scored first! Second keselowski is a real jerk! He wrecked the no. 3 car big time! If I were Austin Dillon I would wreck keselowski in every race in the season! I would make sure he didn't win anything until NASCAR penalized keselowski big time! What he did was a dangerous thing to do to Dillon and it was totally uncalled for! Drivers like bush, keselowski, truex junior, joey logano and last but not least brian france!

  4. I feel bad for Dillon, but this was mainly his and his spotters fault. His spotter didn’t tell him he wasn’t clear, Dillon assumed Keslowski would move up, so Dillon started moving up the track. It’s unfortunate, but it’s his fault. Keslowski didn’t wreck Dillon on purpose and it’s clear immediately after it happened that Keslowski felt horrible about what just happened.

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