FLOPPING STRAIGHTS at ARIA CASINO Las Vegas!! | Poker Vlog #41

Hey! Welcome to the 41st episode of my poker vlog. I created this channel to share some hands i’ve played along with creating a community of people who want to get better and discuss poker hands.

FLOPPING STRAIGHTS at ARIA CASINO Las Vegas!! | Poker Vlog #41

In this episode, I head over to The Aria Las Vegas Resort & Casino for some 1/3 action. We buy in for $300 at the 1/3 and immediately get into some interesting hands! I end up booking a decent WIN! Thanks for watching my Wolfgang Poker vlog!


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  1. We open QJo from the co flop Q73cc and faced smallish donk bet. We call. Turn Ad. Villain donk $22 smallish again. River: completes the back door flush. We fold to another smallish bet. We have to realize that the villain isn’t betting a Q or A here. His range is a flush or a set of 3 or 7. We should not be folding QJ with a diamond. This is very poorly played. ATs shouldn’t be used as a flush. Check, check call line by villain at 1/3 is often a draw hand that ATs beats. Any pair would call you river bet after you check back the flop on a connected flush board. You have to think of your lines vs villain’s likely range.

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