Good Hands, Bad Position at Capitol Casino. Poker Vlog 35

  02 Th9 2021  

Good hands in bad Position makes navigating difficult.


21 thoughts on “Good Hands, Bad Position at Capitol Casino. Poker Vlog 35

  1. The T9s hand is pretty tough, SPR is probably a little over one, but are you getting 25% equity? Probably.

    Will you get to realise it across 5 cards? No chance as the flop is getting jammed.

    Poker at it's most basic level is about equity realisation

    If you were playing super deep, this call is perfectly fine

  2. Thoughts on the 9 10.
    Good fold, bad flat???
    I don't mind the call for 6.6xbb multiway….wait, yes I do. It's six times the bb and we are in the worst position with an aggro button.
    Just talked about table dynamics, having an aggressive player who will do the raising for you.
    You are in the SB, if it was UTG or mp that raised and then had limpers, great spot to limp 9 10 suited.
    Having the button raise after the limpers is almost expected.
    You are not closing the action and
    Maybe normally this would just get through but this situation isn't normally.
    The fact that a player only has $120 is enough to suggest this is a fold.
    My thoughts are, often having a short stack involved means a high likelihood of an all in.
    This can go one of two ways. It can be advantageous for us to use but it can also be detrimental to our playability.

    On one hand if you happened to hit the flop that came, ( assuming this went call instead of jam), you could consider betting a specific sizing.
    Say the player only has $90 left, you might bet something odd like $56.
    The short stack couldn't really just call, he hopefully jams. The raise for his jam ( and this goes to room rules) would be an additional $34 which is over half of your bet which in most locations opens the betting back up.
    Should the button just call with his AJ not wanting to scare you….you get to bet again into a much larger pot, offer decent odds and maximize your profits.
    Players rarely do exactly what you hope or want but paying attention to stack size, spr and such can be very advantageous.
    On the other hand, the short stack creates an issue. It's too likely he will jam at some point if he commits more money pre.
    This hurts our bluffs somewhat.
    First we cannot bluff out a short stack who connects at all.
    Second trying to bluff and having the short stack get involved, like your 88 hand with the short button, can just sweeten the pot odds enough to decrease our fold equity.
    And lastly, an all in means there will be a showdown and sometimes the information we are forced to reveal to claim a pot is more valuable to our opponents than the pot is to us.

    Worst case we hit something and have to call only to be counterfeited, drawing dead or get sucked out on.
    While we are in first bluff position it's much more difficult to control the pot from up front.
    We miss the flop most of the time. Connect with second or third best too often.
    We hold two blockers to making our flush but only one blocker to the likely better flushes and two blockers to the weaker flushes.
    There's just no reason to put 20% of our stack in calling after the jam.
    The SPR would be 1:1 which is great for flipping coins, not profitable playing cards.
    We are getting about 7:1 if we want to be results oriented but the odds of getting 7:1 are about the same as two more tens hitting. Slim and none.
    One more upside, people find it easier to fold when there is an all in. They know they will get to see the river and the hands so it alleviates that curiousity that gets so many calls.
    Again position position position.
    Aggressive on your right is tough but even more so when he's on your left. Btn v SB is about as far left as if Bernie and AOC had a baby.

    Best to find the soft spots, avoid the tough spots. Just don't gamble on variance so much oop.
    Zeus is awesome btw.
    Just some thoughts

  3. Fold for all the reasons u just said. U will be chasing if you dont smash the flop. Great hand but not worth the price to invest at the given time. It's a losing situation 80/100 times.. if they were both all in then it's worth it..

  4. It is smart to isolate the loose cannon over and over, just be aware your bet sizes might get you into tough spots…isolate with the smallest raise possible, unless you're holding a monster (like AA) and you're sure he will call. Otherwise don't add to the variance by creating artificial pot odds with a hand like KQ (what you call SPR later on). And yes your T9 is a good fold, otherwise your logic must become to call all $100 raises 3 ways with suited connectors.

  5. I don’t love leading a 3 way pot with 99 on A high monotone. Honestly probably should fold to his raise. If he put any more pressure on the turn are you really calling down with 99? That’s the type of hand you get stacked by a flopped flush and wonder how you made it there with a pair of 9s

  6. I like your analysis of each hand in vlog, not just the actions on the poker table. One my favorite poker vlogs on Youtube. For the hand with T9s, it's a good fold. Looking forward to your next vlog.

  7. You overthought that hand (9-10 club). I know hindsight is 20-20, but your hand had a lot of possibilities, but you dumped it before you saw at least the flop, then it would have been game on. Plus, it would have only cost you another $92. You played it the way you played it. Armchair pros always think they would have played it better, so don’t listen to what I have to say.

  8. The thing I saw was the player on the right dropped a chip and hurried to pick it up that's a tell of weakness from what I read but you could have decided to semi bluff and you was kind of last to act with the not too big stack behind you

  9. Maybe Im a fish but in that T9 hand multiway I probably see a flop. The payoff is to great compared to what you put in on the right flop so thats what I would do.
    On the other hand Im not sure I would 3-bet the KQ out of position in the first hand.

  10. Good fold IMO. I had almost similiar situation last night, but I decided to call. My hand was 9T of spades. The turn comes 8TT. And the bad news was the other guys who have me covered is having K10.

    Sorry for my bad english .. just want to share ?

  11. I think it's a good fold with T9s.

    And I wouldve shoved the pocket 9s on a flush board; if you suspect your READ is correct. My reasoning is that he could be doing it with any high card (with a spade in it) and you do not want to see a king/queen on the turn/river

  12. Easy to say Nit fold cuz you would have won but realistically you're behind both of them. If your opponents have those exact hands in the situation, it is 100% not a +EV play lol. Given the situation, correct fold. I guess that makes me realize my deficiencies in poker because I would have came back over the top. Well done on the fold.

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