My Gold Digger Wife Dumps Me Publicly at the Casino, but the Next Moment I'm Hitting the Jackpot

  05 Th9 2021  

The whole confusion started when I inherited a farm after my uncle passed away.
To complete the paperwork, I had to sign a bunch of documents. But in it, the
information on me said I was married. My family immediately confronted me about it.


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  1. Oh alright so today we have Caleb. Caleb is currently living in his own and for some he owns a farm and the reason why he owns the farm is because that his uncle used to own the farm but eventually passed away and for his uncle was sort of rich and so that's why Caleb now is rich and owns the farm but obviously he had to do a lot of paper work in order to take over his uncle farm and the money but in one of the paper it said that he's married to girl named Belle and he told his parents that he was married to Belle but for some reason his parents got upset because Caleb didn't tell his parents that he got married to Belle of course Caleb told his parents that he wasn't married and so later on when Caleb got home there was a storm that made his house go dark because the power went down because of the story but for some reason Caleb got nervous because he saw someone in the dark and so the person that was coming out from the dark it was he's waif Belle and she said welcome home babe and other stuff and obviously Caleb got concerned because he asked who are and why did you call me babe and so that's when she said that I was your waif and she even showed proof because apparently she has photos of her and Caleb and so Caleb accepted that is his waif even though he was never married but anyway fast forward Caleb sort of notice that when he goes out with Belle she kinda was cheating on Caleb and later on Caleb surprised trip to Belle that he and her were to Dubai and when they got there Belle immediately was complaining saying that you promise that you gonna buy some expensive or whatever Belle said to Caleb and he did and he also buyed a necklace but unfortunately Belle was pissed for some reason because she wanted the highly expensive necklace and so later at the club she was taking to the bear tender well more flirting with the bear and so Caleb got a little bit mad but for some reason the bar tender and Belle told Caleb to live and I think Belle said some hurtful thing to Caleb and so the next day Belle apologize to Caleb about what should to Caleb last and offerd Caleb to go out for dinner but oh boy apparently Belle put something in Caleb drink that made me sleep mostly through the night and so Caleb noticed that it was already night time and Belle wasn't in the house and so he had enough and went down to the club to find Belle and there she was she was at the Belle talking to the same person from yesterday and so Belle just had enough of Caleb and took out some divorced papers but she already signed and now Caleb also signed it as well and so after that Caleb went to play one of the machine and after he actually won on the money machine and I totally forgot how much did Caleb got from the money but obviously that made Caleb really happy and everyone joined in and thats when Belle told Caleb that she joking and everything else what she said but oh boy Caleb didn't even heard what Belle was saying to him but anyway fast forward Caleb finally meet a girl on the airplane on the way back home and i completely forgot her named but at least Caleb got married to this girl but anyways I'll rate this Animated Story Video a 10 out of 10

  2. ETU – Animated Stories!!!! If you see this!!!! You wrote 14 million wrong!, On your video on the screen said 1,40,00,000 but it's meant to say 14,000,000???? Am I wrong or are you using a different currency or new way of spelling numbers for 14 million???

  3. Nice video and very informative and very entertaining and very satisfaction.

    Read Isaiah New Testament Exodus it shall give you stability and confidence I didn't try to convert you.

    Read our true history after you read your true history just trying to help.

    1:14, 1:331:39, ??????.

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